Intent. This blog is as a history project for recreating and reconstructing pharmacy products from the past and providing decoded recipes to modern enthusiasts. Outside this site, I will eventually be selling some of my results on an Etsy shop, if there is any reader interested in the subject but not interested in the expense of collecting all the supplies.

Pharmaceuticals. By pharmaceuticals or chemistry, I don’t mean medicines—those should be left to actual pharmacists. But they used to make a million other things, whose recipes (or “receipts”) you can find in 19th-century and early 20th-century books.

Measurements. Almost all old recipes use both volumetric measurements and measurements by weight. In my modernizations I provide both imperial and metric measurements. Most are given by weight.

Modernizations. Many old cosmetic recipes call for dangerous things such as lead and mercury, or very rare things such as sperm whale oil and real civet musk. I will provide information on safer, cheaper substitutions where required.

The blogger. I am a history student working in a very tidy kitchen.

Enjoy. –Darley


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